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Be On Time

Arriving 5-10 minutes before your appointment is recommended.

Before your session, you will fill out a brief intake form and introduce your needs to your massage therapist.

Arriving late, feeling rushed, or frenzied may make it difficult to feel relaxed.


Ensure Proper Hydration

​Drinking plenty of water before and after your massage is highly recommended.

Similar to exercise, massage therapy can dehydrate you.  Drinking plenty of water can help reduce the chances of pain and soreness in the days following your visit.

For some people - after a massage, you may feel a little disorientated.  A glass of water can help bring the body and mind back to the present.


Breathe Normally

Your therapist will be working to loosen your muscles.  Normal breathing will help expedite the relaxation. 

Inhale and exhale as you normally would while your massage therapist executes various massage techniques.


Dress Comfortably

If you would prefer to not remove your clothing, please be sure to wear comfortable clothes that will allow your massage therapist to properly and easily maneuver the areas of your body needing to be worked. 

Our licensed professionals are trained in maintaining proper draping of the body, throughout the session.


Communication Is Key! 

Before, during, and after your visit, please do not hesitate to communicate and provide feedback.

Music volume, temperature, pressure, pain, etc. - your therapist will gladly assist in making any adjustments to enhance your experience.


Snooze Away!

Nodding-off during your massage is absolutely acceptable!  In fact, your therapist will even accept a snore or two as an accomplishment.  Knowing that they've helped you achieve the relaxation that you came for is very flattering.

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